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Flemish School Old Master 17th Century Oil on canvas "Feeding the Cat"

Flemish School Old Master 17th Century Oil on canvas "Feeding the Cat"

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A very amusing 17th century Flemish School oil on canvas painting.

The painting has an amusing subject matter, with two men and two women, two dressed as aristocrats, and two dressed as servants, smiling and amused, one holding a goblet, one a porringer and candle. They all are smiling surrounding a cat, who does not look amused, bundled like a baby, being fed porridge, through a spoon, by the woman dressed in red in the middle,

As common with paintings from Flanders, of this particular type, period and subject, it is done in the "naive" style, which might have been intentional by the artists to amuse the viewers.

Painting is unsigned and I don't know who the artist is.

The painting dates from the 17th century at least, and no later than 1700.

Has a Christies label on the back and has been in one of their sales previously.

A similar painting to this one, also Flemish school, was sold at Christies as Lot 455 on the 26 Febuary 2015 for £4,375 (see ).


Painting appears to undamaged, and everything can be seen. Don't know whether it has been relined in the past, but that is usual with paintings with this age.

In a gesso frame which has a few chips to the gesso, but still very hangable and presentable.


The size of the painting is 17¾ x 22 5/8 in. (45 x 57.5 cm.).  The frame measures 20.5 x 25.25 inches (52cm x 64.5 cm).

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