About Us

Moti Antiques and Collectables are dealers who offer wide range of international antiques and collectables, from the ancient to modern times, for a variety of collectors, from the experienced to the beginner, or even the one-off buyer, to suit all budgets.

The business is founded owned by Chris, who has a lifelong interest in history and historic items and holds a PhD in Economic and Social History at the University of Cambridge. He has been a collector for historic items since he was a child and has informally sold items from his collection on eBay for a number of years.  In 2024 it was decided to take this interest formally into a web business, providing a wide range of antiques for similar enthusiast and collectors.

As both antique collectors and dealers, we fully understand the collector’s mindset. As well as the beauty of the item itself, the importance of its history, provenance and other relevant detail can be just as important.  All items offered for sale on our website will have high quality imagery with full and accurate descriptions.

We regularly update this site with quality and interesting antiques. To make sure you receive our e-mail lists and are therefore among the first to be notified when new stock is added, submit your name and e-mail address to the ‘SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAILS‘ section found at the foot of each page.