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Antique ChineseArchaic Style Hardstone Jade Dragons Bangle

Antique ChineseArchaic Style Hardstone Jade Dragons Bangle

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An antique Chinese carved russet jade bangle. Carved in the archaic style with some form of three serpents or mythical figures, quite possibly dragons.

This is definitely hardstone.  This was previously sold to me as jade by a specialist oriental art  and antiques dealer.  I have done a scratch test with it with a steel pair of scissors, and no scratch was made on the bangle, which suggests it might be jade.

I don't know the date of this piece for sure. I am dating as 19th or 20th century for legal reasons in this listing, but it could be far earlier and even ancient due to the archaic style of it.

An attractive and interesting piece nevertheless and worthy of further research.


The piece appears to be in good vintage condition.  There are four small holes in the bangle, which may have been done later, probably to attach something, or hang something from it.


The bangle measures 8 cm wide by 2.5 cm thick.

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