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Antique Chinese Carved Amethyst Snuff Bottle

Antique Chinese Carved Amethyst Snuff Bottle

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Item Description

A carved Chinese amethyst snuff bottle.

The bottle is intricately well carved, with a scene of what looks to be a lotus flowers or lilies and pads floating on water.

Also has a coral lid, and dates from at least the 19th century, maybe earlier?


The snuff bottle itself is in good condition, as far as I can see.  There appears to be a tiny chip (or maybe an imperfection in the stone?) on one of the stems of the flowers and some wear which is commensurate with age.  Unforunately, the coral lid lacks its cork and spoon.


The snuff bottle measures approximately 2 inches (5cm) high and 1.5 inches (4cm) wide.

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